Brihaspati is dedicated to the planet Jupiter which represents the teacher, the “Guru,” the one who leads us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. He stands for wisdom, knowledge, learning, goodness, good luck, good karma and expansion.

Maa Tara

His wife is Maa Tara who personifies the stars in the sky.

Guru of Devas

In the Vedas, Brihaspati is called the Guru of the Devas, the celestial or angelical beings. He is represented as a priest—full of wisdom, righteousness, justice, goodness; desirous to bless and give prosperity to everyone.

His Mount

It is said in our ancient text that his mount was elegant chariot drawn by eight white horses 

Part of Hindu Navagrah

It is part of the Hindu Navagrah and considered the most benefic planet because of its nature of giving and expanding, without expectations.

Position of planet Jupiter

The position of Brihaspati planet (Jupiter) in a birth chart will indicate the ways of spiritual learning, type of faith or religion, teachers and material prosperity.

Well placed planet Jupiter

A strong and well-placed planet Jupiter in a chart is an indicator of optimism, faith, interest in religion of philosophy, sense of righteousness and justice, positive contacts with teachers, wise or religious people, and good prosperity, caused by some good past karmas and spiritual tendencies.

May Brihaspati bless you with Good luck.