Passwords that Work

We all have lots of passwords. If you want to check your voicemail, log onto websites, or use an ATM you need to input your unique code. If you enter the proper sequence of letters and/or numbers, you are in. If you mis-enter your code, you are out. It’s as simple as that. If you mis-enter your password three times at some ATMs, the machine will confiscate your card. So you better know your right password.

The same principle applies if you want to create the life you would choose. You have to input the kind of energy you want to come back. Because most people don’t understand this principle, they receive experiences they do not prefer. The people who do understand this principle get the experiences they prefer. The process is as simple as typing the correct name of a website.

Your energetic password has to match your desired experience. If you want love, you have to enter “love.” You can’t enter, “I’m lonely,”  “Poor me,”  or  “All the good ones are taken.”  If you enter any of those passwords, or ones like them, you will be directed to sites that give you only more of the same. If you want wealth, you must focus on  wealth, not lack. If you want health, you cannot enter “sickness.” You cannot get to happiness by pain, to appreciation by complaint, or to connection by resistance. The way to get to something is to start from it.

Today monitor your thoughts, words, and actions, and see if you are putting out what you want to get back. You might be surprised to discover the non-functional passwords you are entering. Make a conscious effort to enter the passwords that match the sites you are trying to reach. You will be pleasantly surprised to gain access. It’s not terribly complicated. It just takes a little practice. Start from where you want to end up, and you will find yourself there.  

Are your thoughts, words, and actions
equivalent to the results you seek to obtain?
How might you specify your input so you can attract the right output?

 I reach my goals by aligning with the energy I wish to obtain